Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can AMMA train online?

We have the capacity to accommodate 25 trainees per session; 75 trainees per day; 375 trainees per five-day week, comfortably. Potentially, we can accommodate another 6 sessions on the weekend, catering to a total of 150 participants. Bear in mind, we believe in small class sizes in order to enable every participant to get the personal attention they require. As a result, our class sizes may be revised to facilitate individuals.

Are your trainers permitted to work in the United States of America?

We are an American company; based in America. We maintain our obligation to ensure that all our trainers have the required legal status for employment, according to the laws of the countries in which we operate and that includes the United States and its territories.

Are there any prerequisites for any of your training programs?

No. The qualifications of our training participants would have already been determined by their employers. We are only here to carry out the training that the employer and/or any other client wishes to be carried out.

We train anyone regardless of their education profile or competency level. However, for the sake of a speedy progression, it is advisable that prospective trainees would have already familiarized themselves with the respective area.

How do you carry out your training programs?

Typically, at the first venture, we would take the following steps leading up to the completion of each training program:

  • Convene with the client to determine actual training needs and plan the training program
  • Analyze a pre-training questionnaire from prospective participants
  • Formulate an instructional agenda
  • Research and develop training materials and course contents
  • Brief subscribers on all pre-training activities
  • Deliver the program contents
  • Evaluate learning outcomes
  • Provide a training report to the client

Where do you host your training exercises?

We conduct training exercises both on physical sites and in virtual classrooms (online).

We travel anywhere and that includes North America and the Caribbean (The Americas) to conduct Onsite training exercises.

When do you conduct training exercises?

Our training exercises are earmarked for delivery between Monday and Friday; 9 AM (0900 hours) to 8:30 PM (2030 hours) daily; Eastern Standard Time. Saturday and Sundays are reserved for prearranged sessions.

Click here for details on our training delivery.

Click here to get an idea of time equivalency at your location:

How long are your training programs?

It depends on the skills training and development needs of the client. Nevertheless, it may be important to know that our training programs are delivered in three-hour time segments called Blocks. Three Blocks are equivalent to one day and fifteen Blocks are equivalent to one week of training. Beyond one week is categorized as “extensive”.

We recognize that extensive training may be necessary for some participants and we would be quite happy to oblige upon prior arrangement. It is highly possible over 15 Blocks of training may be offered incentives.

Contact AMMA for such an arrangement Click here for details on our training delivery schedules.

I would like to subscribe to your training programs but I cannot afford to give my employees time off during normal working hours. Are your programs designed to address circumstances such as mine?

We can facilitate you with our flexi-hours and weekend reservations. We earmarked three training sessions per day: morning, afternoon and evening. We also reserve weekends as well for prearranged training sessions. Click here to read more on our training delivery schedules.

Do you follow up after delivering a training course?

Sure, we do offer that option. We propose a training cost-benefit review plan if the client is so inclined but bear in mind that this is optional and could attract a negotiable fee.

What do participants get after completing a training exercise?

  • Program certificates of participation
  • Free copies of summarized course materials
  • Free post-program progress report
  • Review of recorded online training programs
  • Conduct post-training cost-benefit analysis, per request (optional)
  • “Follow-up” evaluation on training program delivery (to be arranged)

Would anyone be able to review past online training sessions?

No. Training participants will be able to review ONLY those training exercises in which they participated.

All our training sessions will be recorded and archived for review at future dates. However, there are some stipulations regarding how long they will be available for review. There is also stipulations about how much access and duration of time would anyone be granted to the library. 


What are the prices of your training programs?

Our prices vary according to a number of factors and that includes the number of training participants, the training time required and the proposed training venue. Keep in mind that training exercises conducted on physical sites attract different prices from those done in cyberspace.

Do note, however, our training packages cover all services and materials with provision for discounts and convenient payment methods 

Contact us for details on program prices and our pricing policy

Would AMMA accept long-term training contracts?

Sure. We accept both long and short term contractual arrangements. Please contact us.

Do you sell your training materials?

Unfortunately, we do not sell our program materials. However, we would be very happy to assist a client in developing their own training materials and deliver the program on their behalf.

How qualified are your trainers?

Our pool of trainers consists of university graduates with many years of business experience including senior level responsibilities in corporate entities. They have also held teaching titles at colleges and universities in the Americas, along with professional memberships in world-renowned marketing organizations. Our collective experience, includes curricula development, online and onsite teaching, learning motivation, learning evaluation and research.  

What is the difference between a program and a module?

Program: similar to a course of study, entailing training and development in a particular field of practice in the business organization, AMMA focuses on three training programs falling under the fields of management and marketing.

  • Practices in Product Management
  • Practices in Brand Management
  • Stakeholder Experience Management

Module: a single unit of a program that may contain many content areas. One program may carry any number of modules; a module may have any number of content areas. As you may recall, the program, Practices in Brand Management, we proposed a module entitled, Managing Consumer Brands. Within this module, one will find various content areas designed to address specific knowledge and skill development needs.

Here is an example:

Program: Practices in Product Management

Module: Managing Consumer Brands

Content Areas:  (1) Understanding the Strategic Nature of A Brand; (2) Designing Branding Strategies for Building Market Equity 

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