Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider AMMA for training:

  • Training participants will receive quality training similar to those offered at reputable business schools; our trainers maintain years of experience in multiple industries as  well as in college & university classrooms. We provide feasible, efficacious training proven by accomplishments

  • Clients will receive full-service programs, including their development, delivery and a post-training report in addition to our commitment and reliability. Bear in mind, we can be reached at any time

  • AMMA offers clients a flexible payment plan

  • Clients will realize a substantial reduction in training cost comparative to that for developing and delivering their own in-house training programs. We serve to eliminate the unnecessary cost of starting and maintaining a full-time in-house training entity

  • Our online training facilities serve to eliminate the logistic cost, hassle and time for bringing training participants to a central location; convenient online training: no need for unnecessary physical space or training facilities. Trainees can participate wherever they are even at workstations; in "real time"

  • Our clients can use the excess resources, which include, the funds and time earmarked for in-house training programs to focus elsewhere in their businesses

Transforming human resources into business solutions.