Overview & Context

Welcome to our competency-based training and skills development programs. Here we provide customized programs in three practices in the business organization: Marketing, Management, and Customer Relationship Management

The training exercises earmarked for these practice areas are embodied in three programs:

Each program carries a number of modules and each module carries various content areas that comprise actual materials and tools to address specific training and developmental needs. Neither the list of modules in each program nor the number of content areas in each module is exhaustive.

You are also likely to find that the anticipated modules on the ensuing pages are overlapping. This is possible considering that our skills training exercises are customized: materials and tools developed for specific training needs. Quite often similar materials and tools will be used to carry out specific training exercises earmarked for groups comprising of people having different job roles and functions.

Training Objectives

The trainers at AMMA will provide the quality training exercises that will enable participants to bring added value to their roles and functions in the workplace.

We endeavor:

  • To provide our trainees with cost-effective, high-quality skills training programs that will improve their skill-sets and the quality function of their output

  • To partner with our program trainees in learning new and useful perspectives and acquire cutting-edge tools that will improve their knowledge, skills, and abilities in preparation for responsibilities beyond the scope of their roles and functions

  • To expose trainees to perspectives on Good Professional Practices and their importance for maintaining satisfactory team dynamics and good corporate citizenship

  • To engage continuous development in order to provide our trainees with fresh knowledge, new perspectives, and cutting-edge tools

  • To provide concepts and professional advice to our clients in their quest for new opportunities to enhance the well-being of their businesses

Online training programs
Training on a prearranged physical site.