This program offers rigorous training exercises for people involved in consumer product marketing. It also earmarks training exercises for those with job responsibilities associated with this area. Each unit promises a wide range of training exercises that intend to address skill development needs, for carrying out various tasks in managing finalconsumer products. It incorporates training exercises in supporting areas of product management such as sales, distribution, merchandising, sales promotion and aspects of customer management.

Among the interesting features earmarked for this program will be the content areas on managing products throughout the life cycle and the market diffusion cycle, respectively. These content areas promise useful insight that practitioners could adopt in their effort to minimize risk associated with developing and launching new products. 

Additionally, it will impart tools that could be useful to firms wishing to rejuvenate and re-launch dated and non-performing products.

This program also aims to promote the Total Quality Management culture by encouraging participants to foster a "quality delivery" mindset, regardless of their role in the organization.

Anticipated Modules

Here are a few of the modules earmarked for this program. Do note that some may appear to be overlapping in features.

  • Product Management
  • Branding & Brand Management
  • e-Selling / e-Marketing
  • Sales Forecasting and Planning
  • Managing Sales Teams
  • Managing the Product Life-cycle
  • Managing the Product Diffusion-cycle
  • Market Analytics
  • Promotional Practices
  • Product Distribution Practices
  • Product/Market Development
  • Marketing Metrics for Evaluating Brand/Product Performance

Program Goals

The following are some of the goals of this program:

  • Design product and service lines strategies
  • Minimize the risks associated with launching new products and services
  • Position new products and improve brand/product images
  • Improve the marketability of under-performing products and services
  • Conduct brand evaluations and product audits
  • Identify business opportunities using marketing models
  • Formulate brand/product and service promotional strategies
  • Design branding strategies in pursuit of greater market equity
  • Design sales plans for a functional sales entity
  • Streamline and manage supply chain activities
  • Conduct consumer market analytics and market forecasting

Participants will leave this program with new perspectives and tools. They will be more focused and resilient toward their business-marketing goals. They will also be able to make meaningful contributions in support of business strategies.


This program targets practitioners in the following business areas: brand/product management, sales, merchandising, service and product promotion. It also provides training for marketing intermediaries: agents and merchandisers


The length of each course is contingent on the level of training needed.

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Transforming human resources into business solutions.

Skills Targeted

Key competencies targeted for development in this program:

  • Accountability
  • Analytical
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Critical thinking
  • Networking
  • Persistence
  • Persuasion/Influencing
  • Planning and organizing
  • Leadership
  • Self-Efficacy
  • Time management
  • Work ethics
Branding speaks volumes for a product.
Merchandising is an excellent market communication technique.