The Company

Applied Marketing & Management Acumen (AMMA) LLC is an association of professional business trainers providing customized competency-based training programs to business organizations. Our programs are designed to condition hard and soft skill-sets for various job roles and functions.

AMMA is a registered entity, operating from the State of New Jersey, United States of America (Entity ID: 0450185866).

Mission Statement

We endeavor to provide our clients with the highest quality competency-based training and development programs to enhance, grow, and enrich their businesses. 

We further endeavor to create and maintain mutual understanding; sincerely fulfilling our obligations to the satisfaction of all.


The trainers at AMMA will provide the quality training exercises that will enable participants to bring added value to their roles and functions in the workplace.

On completion of the respective exercises, participants will:

  • Demonstrate greater scope of knowledge; exhibit higher levels of proficiency in their respective skill area and produce better quality output

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the strategic values in the tools, concepts, and perspectives we provide; use them to enhance their roles and functions; anticipate problems and develop troubleshooting strategies to address them

  • Formulate new perspectives and take a new approach to their tasks, redefine their own roles and functions, and their commitment to support their business strategy

  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of the tactical roles, both an individual and as team players toward the fulfillment of the objectives and goals of their organizations