Welcome to the website of Applied Marketing & Management Acumen LLC (AMMA). This is where we provide competency-based training and skills development programs that transform human resources into business solutions.

We bring to you a wide range of professional experience and intimate knowledge of various aspects of marketing and management and how these apply in business operations. We also bring perspectives, techniques, and tools that are necessary to help practitioners function more effectively at their respective tasks.

Driven by a passion for teaching, we are excited to take this background to the training laboratory. We are confident that with our knowledge, experience, and passion we can provide the efficacy to help business practitioners become more proficient at their craft. Additionally, our programs provide materials that serve to encourage good professional habits in the workplace.

Presently, we are offering competency-based training and skills development in three curriculum areas. In the future, we intend to add other areas in which we are familiar. This does not take away from our willingness to offer any assistance where we can if needs arise. We view this only as an added value to our service.

Our offerings are personal to me. Having spent numerous years in various heavy manufacturing and corporate operations, I fully understand the strategic importance of selecting, training and fitting labor forces into practice. As a business educator, I also understand the obligations of the supply side of the skills market having spent nineteen years in tertiary education. These experiences are the guiding forces behind all of our training deliveries.

To date, I have provided education in twenty-two unique topics at universities and colleges, to numerous students from across the globe. Many have gone on to assume successful careers in entrepreneurship and professional practices. They vested in me the virtues of trust, patience, empathy and “unconditional positive regards” (Carl Rogers, 1957). We promise to feature these attributes in our capacity as trainers and mentors.

Going forward, we are committed to the task; ready and confident that we have the capability to meet the challenges. It is our expectation that our clients will partner with us to make the effort materialize in the workplace.

To that end, I encourage you to contact me in the event that you have skills development & training needs in our areas of expertise; a suggestion, a comment, or you are just curious. Bear in mind, many of our answers can be found on the FAQ & Contact page on our website. Nevertheless, I will make all efforts to respond to your inquiry in the shortest span of time.

My email address is info@ammatraining.org.

Thanking you.


Patricia Moore (Mrs.)

Operations Manager

Applied Marketing & Management Acumen LLC